Garden Warrior

When we moved into our house I had big dreams for a garden.  Really big dreams.  A large, lush potager (a la Oscar de la Renta’s) with lovely outdoor seating and a firepit (a wedding gift which is currently sitting in our basement).  It would be perfect for entertaining!  So gorgeous and relaxing!  I mean, who needs a big yard full of grass when all it’s used for is pushing a lawnmower around?  Not us!  We would have a beautiful walking garden that would feed us body and soul.

sad little garden

A year later and our backyard has hardly changed.  Not so spectacular, eh?  At least we’re mowing the lawn regularly. There is a tiny fenced off “garden” at the very back of our yard which is completely overrun.  Poor thing.  At one time it was so overgrown, weeds bent the little plastic fence out of shape.  *tisk*

There’s gonna’ be a big change come Friday morning.  My friend Barb and I will resuscitate this little space by yanking out that fence, cleaning out that sad pile of plants and roughing out the new layout.  The landscaping will include plants lovingly donated by our friends, raised beds constructed at home and (eventually) edible plants started from seed.  It’s going to be a lot of work and a ton of fun.

Plus, I’ll get to use a sledgehammer.  Awesome.


6 responses to “Garden Warrior

  1. summerofvampires

    Your post reminded me of this lovely quote:
    “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.” – Russell H. Conwell

    It seems to fit with the theme of this blog:)

  2. Aww, we never got to don our big floppy garden hats together! I can’t wait to see this all come to fruition for you : )

  3. That’s another beauty of the garden; it forgives and forgets most transgressions. I begin again each season, sometimes with a new vision, sometimes with new resolve to fulfill the same visions from last season, but always I begin with hope. Hope is a big part of every garden hour.

    Light, peace, & sweet peppers,

  4. SoV – The quote is awsome. I’m really happy you shared that with us!

    Nix – We would have rocked those floppy hats too! I’ll see if I can find one for Friday’s battle. I’m excited about the end result too. Trust me, there will be many updates! :)

    EconGrrl – That is truly inspiring. Also, I’m totally going to come running to you when I have questions! You’re my garden guru!

  5. I’m going to pretend that I read this late because I’m off today and could come help you. I just have way too much of my own stuff that needs doing. Welcome to blog world however. I’m flying to Seattle on 9/11 to take Jason his cat and incidently, see my new grandson, assuming he is out of the womb, and I have so much to do before then. I’m thinking I’ll have a party for the new mom when they get here in Oct for a visit if you’re up for it. Hugs, Elaine

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