Grocery Shame

Yesterday my grocery list included chips, soda, ice cream and chocolate syrup.  I shopped almost completely in the center of the store.  Only three of the seventeen items were unprocessed.  As I approached the checkout lane I became nervous.  I was looking around shiftily.  I broke a little sweat.  I thought the other Kroger shoppers were judging me.  I just knew they were!

Then I realized the only person judging the contents of my shopping cart was me.

Normally I shop on the perimeter of the store, sometimes venturing to the middle to visit the natural foods section.  My husband and I have improved and refined our eating habits for the past three years.  We eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, light dairy and whole grains.  So when I looked at the two types of soda I planned to purchase I felt kinda bad.  I was feeling some grocery shame.

We have a friend visiting and the dudes wanted to have a junk food and movie fest.  I took their requests and purchased all of the snacky goodness they wanted.  I enjoyed my root beer float while watching Demetri Martin. Person. I know that I didn’t make the best choices last night.  I also know that today is another day.

My ideal self knows when to have a little food fun with friends, and how to get back to healthy habits the next day.  And while root beer floats taste amazing, they would lose their appeal if I had one everyday.


6 responses to “Grocery Shame

  1. This is yet another reason why we are BFFs. I have spent the last two days (before I read this!) craving the hell out of a rootbeer float.

    I love you very much, BFF Jules, and your idea self. You are beautiful and brilliant.

  2. I wish I could say that having a favorite junk food once a day every day loses it’s appeal, but for me it doesn’t. And that’s a huge problem. Having one every day isn’t enough.

    This weekend…man, I wanted something of everything I can’t have. I ended up having a strawberry shortcake thingy which includes food I shouldn’t eat – cake. But it was sooooooo good. Today I only want to munch out of anxiety. Work is not good and I’m doing really well not digging into everything or becoming anxious about not having anything sweet to eat.

  3. Hi Julie, I love the new site. The header is gorgeous (I’m a tree freak) and you are a rocking photographer!

    “I shopped almost completely in the center of the store” made me laugh. It’s fun to indulge sometimes, right? Everyone needs a little saturated fat sometimes so we don’t turn 100% crunch balls.:)

  4. Nix – I had another float last night and it was awesome! Thanks for your support, girl!

    SoV – That blog is totally going in my reader. I love her concept!

    Wendi – There are still foods that I really need to watch. Mac-and-cheese is a seriously dangerous thing. I still crave food when I’m stressed, and sometimes I give in, but practice is progress girl.

    Kathy – I’m so glad you like the blog and pics! I hope to be rockin’ the blogosphere more, so expect me to start commenting again on woojum! I worry about becoming a complete crunch ball! LOL! I think you’re right; sometimes we all need to indulge.

  5. It’s more than okay!! I like going to my Dad’s house because he always buys that kind of junk food. Rarely, do I buy it here.

    Also, being a jillion months pregnant, a root beer float sounds like the best thing in the whole, wide world.

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