The Unexpected Awesomeness of the Library

Wednesday I did something I haven’t done in years.  Something that I haven’t even thought about doing since the early 90s.  I went to the library and had fun.

Now, the key here is the fun factor.  Of course I went to the library in high school and college, but it was just for research purposes.  I spent hours in the Mississippi State University library.  Maybe hundreds of hours (okay, tens) spent researching, checking out books for research or working with a group researching a project.  Not once did I get anything I just wanted to read.  I hadn’t stepped foot in a library since December 2001.

Also, I love books.  I don’t always love the reading part (sometimes the book is just crappy), but books smell good, feel good and look awesome.  I just like holding on to them, flipping through the pages while watching an episode of something I’ve seen too many times.  I would buy books just to have them around.  Then I bought a book I thought I would love.  I was so excited about this book.  I even when to the release party in a dorky shirt with my good friend and we had a fantastic time. I went home ready to devour that book, and it sucked.  UGH!  Why did I spend my money on this piece of crap!?  I was pissed.  If I could just return the book it wouldn’t be so bad…

That’s when I decided going to the library was the best idea ever.  And let me just tell you that it totally was the best idea ever.  The library is awesome!  There was a great selection, happy librarians and a self-checkout that blew my mind.  I can also request books online and the library will hold that book for me until I come and pick it up!  Plus I get to keep the book for 4 weeks! And it’s all free!!

So I’m happily reading Dead Until Dark and enjoying the heck out of it.  I’m not adding clutter to my home.  I’m utilizing local resources.  And if I get another crap book, I’ll just dump it off and never have to look at its stupid cover again.  That makes me smile.


5 responses to “The Unexpected Awesomeness of the Library

  1. YES YES YES. The library is my new best friend (WAY WAY WAY under you, Mrs Bits and Juicy though). We’ve already found the local branch closest to the new house, and when I go on Tuesday to return my last two books from my first excursion there I’m SO getting more.

    Which branch do you go to? I never went to any of the Richmond libraries. I always wanted to go to the one in Westover Hills.

  2. I love our library. We have the same features – the self check out, the looking up books online. The librarians tease me because I do most of my browsing online, then put all my books on hold so that I can get a notice in my email saying, “You’ve got books to pick up!” I love it though. It’s soooo awesome.

    A lot of the hobby books I get I start with at the library. If they’re good I stick them on my wishlist. If they’re bad, eh, I haven’t wasted good money on nothing.

    I love getting books about interior design, knitting, crocheting, any book about crafting. I love to just sit and look at the patterns and projects even if I’m not going to make anything myself. I just love seeing all the art.

    Yay for you for going to the library and rediscovering it’s awesomeness!

    PS does your library have a DVD and CD collection? We can check out a ton of dvds and cds. It’s so cool!

  3. I’m so excited for you and your library adventure. I’m right with you… there is nothing like the smell of books. I’m even partial to the old, used books… and if there is annotations or someone has inscribed a message gifting the book…EVEN BETTER!
    I started going to the library in grad school as a way to “borrow” books that were required that I just didn’t ‘require’ in my own personal library… that just led to fun books for me.

    Your blog is totally inspiring me to make some changes and get on with my life.

  4. My family LOVES the library. Actually, Wayne goes more than I do. In fact, just today he told me about a current window display at the Mechanicsville Library. It all about the Grateful Dead! How weird is that?

  5. It’s taken me so long to comment because I’ve been obsessed with my library books! I’ve even made a page dedicated to them on the blog. :)

    Nix – I roll Dumbarton style. It’s right near our house and I can just stop by on my way home from work. Which I did yesterday…and left with 7 books!

    Wendi – I experienced the fabulousness of picking up books on hold yesterday. It was like getting a present! I found out we have a DVD collection too. It will be a great way to supplement our Netflix.

    Sharon – You’re totally the person who inspired me to go to the library. We may have to take a field trip together soon.

    Kathy – I may have to check out the Mechanicsville Library just for that window display! That’s totally crazy.

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