Summer LoA Update: #1 Branding Project

This summer I decided that branding myself would be a top priority.  I enjoy the branding projects that are a part of my work; I might as well apply that knowledge to myself!  This summer I researched personal brand strategy, surveyed myself and my friends, described my brand and defined my objectives.

I’ve gotten much more out of this project than a tagline or a definition of my business values.  I’ve learned to appreciate and emphasize my talents. Duh, right? Well, over the years I got in the habit of minimizing my talents and focusing on what wasn’t up to par.

It’s like teenagers obsessing over some small “flaw” instead of appreciating and emphasizing their positive features.  My favorite example is The Plastics evaluating themselves in Mean Girls: “My hairline is so weird.” “My nailbeds suck.” “At least you can wear halters; I have man shoulders.”  We can get in the habit of obsessing over trivial or nonexistant flaws while forgetting about all of the awesome qualities we possess.  (Why do you think Regina George was so mean?  Hello!)

Focusing on my strengths has renewed my self-confidence and given me the determination to take on new projects.  I’m feeling more empowered than I have in years.  That feeling is motivation enough to keep working toward my goals. What is your greatest strength?


8 responses to “Summer LoA Update: #1 Branding Project

  1. My friend sent me the coolest thing called a webinar. You know I’m not a big fan of Oprah but this webinar was teh awesome! I think you would really, really like it. One of the things they said was that we often think we need to focus on our weaknesses and build them up, but what we really need to do is recognize our strengths and continue to build them up. Those are what makes us strong, what gives us our confidence, builds us up. Why in the world would we want to focus on our weaknesses? I’ll try to find the link for you because it’s been incredibly helpful to me.

  2. The way I see it, “Truth” is one of the highest concepts, so honesty is one of the greatest aspirations. When dealing with one’s self, it comes only behind character, (i.e. applied ethics) and that only because it’s a part of it. When dealing with others, I think charity trumps it, but only so far. I refuse to lie to make someone feel better, for example, but I will tell them the truth towards that end. Similarly, I will refrain from telling somebody something at all to prevent hurting their feelings, but I won’t lie to avoid it.

    Truth is a great ideal, because so many perceived flaws are fake, as are many perceived strengths. Both forms of extremism are moderated when a strict view of the truth is sought.

    My strengths? I’m a thinker. I understand and can synthesize wildly varied types of information into useful forms. I can’t remember details, however, like dates or names. They slip right out of my head. This is a weakness I have to work around. Ignoring the latter would cripple the former, removing most of the value of the strength.

    Applying the correct tool to a task is important to make the tool seem good. If you are a hammer, but you keep trying to turn screws, you’ll feel pretty useless, especially comparing yourself to the screwdrivers of the world. ‘Course, you’d seem pretty snazzy when a nail appears. I suspect this is a fair analogy for many self perception issues.

  3. and it certainly helps that I have great friends:)

  4. I always look at the positive, in people and in situations.

    Sometimes those “aha” moments make you go “duh”. I know what you mean.

  5. A mutual friend of ours (Jonelle) told me recently that I have a knack for bringing people together for a reason. Since then (about a month ago) I started emphasizing that strength and things are really coming together for me. I’m now bringing people together for a cause. We’re not sure what yet, but that too will come.

  6. I make it work. If there isn’t enough money/time/resources/whatever, I still make it work.

    Sometimes, I wish I didn’t still have to.

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