Summer LoA Update: #2 Dance Class

I danced for 16 years.  From age three to nineteen I took tap, jazz, ballet, modern and lyrical.  I taught some classes.  I loved being in the studio three to five days a week.

I stopped taking and teaching dance classes the summer of 1999.  It wasn’t some kind of life-altering experience like an injury that stopped me.  I was a college kid focused on other college-type things.  It took a couple of years for me to want to go back.

This summer I started taking tap class again.  I can’t believe I talked myself out of going back for so long!  It is so awesome being in the studio again!  My good friend quickly noticed a difference in my attitude.  “You’re just so much happier,” she told me.  I really am.

I’m enjoying taking class.  My original goal was to look into teaching, but I think that can wait.  I’ll be a student for a while and get my technique and skill back.  Maybe one day I’ll want to teach again; maybe not.  Right now, I’m just happy dancing.


One response to “Summer LoA Update: #2 Dance Class

  1. You go dancing girl! I’m so proud of you, reconnecting with something you love, especially something that brings you so joyfully and expressively into the body. AND I applaud your willingness to just take the classes, letting go of the need to plan next steps and higher levels (that’s how I interpret your allowing re: teaching, anyway)

    I needed to read this today, to let loose of all this goal oriented wedding planning shtuff.

    I am really digging your blog. Thank you so much!

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