Double Dance Class!

Last night I was asked to teach tap again.  It’s funny how once I decided I did not have to teach, I am given the opportunity to start teaching again.  That is awesome and crazy exciting! T. laughed and gave me a hug when I jumped around the kitchen saying, “I have dance worth!”  I suspect I will talk about this for a week straight.

As of last night I am enrolled in both Adult Tap and Adult Hip Hop.  I get to buy some of those crazy dance sneakers that I have always wanted.  I will participate in a recital with costumes.  I’m completely giddy!


7 responses to “Double Dance Class!

  1. See what happens when you’re doing what YOU want to do, when you decide to let go and let life flow? Feels great, doesn’t it? Love you much and if I were there I would be the first to sign up for your tap class. *Very Large Hugs* ~ ga


    Holy crap that is so freaking awesome!!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your classes and the students and everything else! WOOOOOOTTTT!~!!!

    PS LOVE the shoes too. I saw them when Sarah was buying her salsa dance shoes and i was all, OMgosh…i miss dancing. Anyway, I’m so psyched by this.

  3. Julie A. is bubbling over with dance worth. Also, I think you may be the only person who could coax me out on the floor of a tap dance class. I am so excited for you, girl! Way to build the brand with integrity & JOY.

    ((((hugs)))) many


  4. OMG, BFF Jules, that’s awesome!!! Which shoes are you getting?

  5. Congratulations!

  6. This post just made me smile:)

  7. awesome! Rose just started ballet and tap classes. I have a feeling she is going to ask me every day when she can go on pointe until she can, which is like 10.

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