I’m usually really interested in one or two things for about a month, and then I switch gears.  There was that month that I was all about knitting.  I bought a ton of knitting gear, dropped $80 on yarn, and grabbed a pattern ready to become a knitting fiend!  Well, I have successfully knitted two scarves since that month about two years ago.  ::shrug::  Once I thought about making beaded jewelery.  I never even made it to the craft store.

This new focus on living as the ideal me has helped me define what I believe is important and valuable.  If an interest matches up with those values, I just don’t get tired of learning about it.  I know it seems like common sense, but I was all over the map there for a while.  This new focus is quite liberating.  I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time and I rarely feel bored.

Here are some things I’m really into right now.

  • Low-cost, useful and sustainable holiday gifts.  This relates to gifts I’m giving and gifts I would like to receive.
  • Marketing small businesses.  Especially businesses in the “wellness” category.  Especially with regards to using online methods.
  • Canning.  I grew up in the south, but I never learned how to can.  This must be remedied.
  • Community building.
  • Sustainability and green living.
  • Dancing and choreography.

So, what are your interests?


4 responses to “Interests

  1. I’m the same way. It’s like I make a hobby out of starting hobbies. But since I started seriously working on my jewelry, I’ve realized, like you, how to gauge what is truly a passion and what is a whim.

    When I’m making my jewelry, I’m really calm. I feel peaceful even when something isn’t working right. And if it’s not working right I feel compelled to put the piece down and come back to it later rather than just giving up completely. So I get self-satisfaction from the job I’m doing and feel joy while doing it. AND I want to do it well. So if I make a mistake I have to take the whole thing apart and re-work it. But again that doesn’t bother me too much.

    So Stuff I’m Interested In:
    People and things that inspire my designs
    Crochet (I love it so much more than knitting, so much easier! and I have a friend here in town that also crochets that can help me)
    Making stuff
    Spirituality – not just Christianity, but all facets of spiritualism.

  2. re-crafting/adorning old clothing
    positive parenting
    making healthy/easy meals
    finding time to read
    spending time with my girlfriends

  3. I return again and again to these interests:

    Healthy, tasty food- making it, eating it, talking about it, sharing with others, etc.
    Personal Economics (how people make decisions based on their own scarce time and money)
    Creating – I don’t have a particular craft, yet, so I keep trying and circling
    Architecture- created spaces for human action.

    Friendship- spending time with people who are digging in to find and create their authentic life!

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