One Week ’til Winter

My thanks to all of you who shared you interests in this post. The feedback was very inspiring! I have been working on big, life-changing projects and sorting out my values and interests over the past few weeks. It has been fantastic having a touch point to come back to when I’m feeling freaked out or like I’m full of stale ideas.  So, again, thank you!

My Autumn LoA has been on my mind. With a special event to run for work, dealing with the sinus funk for almost a month and the hospitalization of one of our kitties, it’s no wonder time has moved very quickly for me this season.  With a week left to focus, I’ll report on what I’ve done and debut the ’08 Winter List of Awesome. I’ll also do a little holiday decorating, attempt to make something festive with some of the greenery in our yard, and take one last stomp in the leaves before I mulch them for the season.

I hope you all enjoy your last week of Autumn!


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