Less plastic is a good thing

Do you want to know who uses the most plastic bags in our home?
Check it out.


Our kitties Tybalt (reclined) and Chaz use more plastic bags than my husband and I combined.  Okay, I understand that we actually use them to clean up after these handsome gents.  We’re just not of the mindset to try and potty train two cats.  So, one plastic bag a day was used when cleaning their three boxes (that’s a whole other story).

Then one day it hit me.  We use a natural corn-based litter that is flushable.  Yet we put this biodegradable matter in a plastic bag just so we don’t have to smell it for a little bit.  Totally ridiculous.  So now when I clean their boxes I either use paper bags (thanks for the idea, Nix!) or simply take the time to walk to the restroom, flush away the stink (hey, it’s good enough for us, right?), and then quickly swish the bowl clean.  Simple!

Now if I could just find a great alternative for our kitchen and bathroom trash cans.  Someone must make biodegradable plastic trash bags, right?


One response to “Less plastic is a good thing

  1. The problem with biodegradable trash bags is that landfills are designed specifically NOT to degrade anything in them. We only put a trash bag in our kitchen trash. The other bins just go naked and if need be I give them a little wash. We’re at the point now that we’re really only throwing out things that are absolutely not recyclable or reusable. By the end of this year I want to be composting, so that will cut down more trash too!

    I love you, my BFF!!

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