7 Minute Makeup Inspiration

It’s funny how a morning can totally change things.  Like my guest post (7 Minute Makeup) for So Yeah…So.  I had an idea for a skincare post that I had been mulling for days.  Then I woke up that morning.  Two hours later than I planned.  I had 40 minutes to get ready and get to work.  That is a major challenge for me.

So I grabbed a quick shower and prepped my face with Arbonne’s FC5 Purifying Cleanser + Toner, FC5 Oil Absorbing Day Lotion with SPF 20, and RE9 Advanced Eye Cream.  3 steps in 3 minutes.  (I can do this. I can do this.)

As I was blowing dry my bangs I realized that they were too long.  I noticed that my eyebrows really needed some cleaning up.  I was frustrated that my gray roots were going to show in the photo.

I realized that I didn’t have time to worry about any of this.

I dashed upstairs and put on one of my favorite work outfits: black pencil skirt from Old Navy, white ruffled sleeveless shirt from somewhere.  But I couldn’t find the right shoes.  After 10 wasted minutes hustling for shoes, I just choose some bejeweled sandals and kept on moving.

I had 10 minutes left to get ready and head out the door.  Yikes.

So, I popped some oatmeal with berries in the microwave to cook while I did my makeup.

7 Minute Makeup

Check out my post on So Yeah…So to see how I threw together a quick look to get me through my day, and still looked professional when I showed up for work.  I list what it took to get me ready. Oh, and all products are from the Arbonne cosmetics line. (I am an Arbonne rep, and I love these products!)

So, what is your favorite go-to make up trick to make you feel your best on hectic days?


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