What We Actually Ate

After two weeks of menu planning, I backslid.  No menu this week.  It wasn’t the best week of food, but it was a reminder why Menu Mondays are so important.  Here is what we actually ate.

  • Monday: Taco night.  I added some sautéed bell peppers, red onion, and hot sauce this week.  Totally yummy.
  • Tuesday: Taco night part 2.  I really need to work on Tuesday night dinners.  We have so little time and I usually fall back on leftovers.  It seems a little weak to me.
  • Wednesday: Apparently this meal was so forgettable, I have no idea what we ate.
  • Thursday: Chicken Korma with green beans and carrots.  This was super-duper tasty.  I used some of the chicken leftover from last weeks roasted chicken, sautéed some green beans and carrots and simmered them all in some Seeds of Change Korma sauce for 10 minutes.  Easy and super yummy.
  • Friday: Dinner out with Katie and Vic.  We were in Norfolk visiting friends and went to Cogan’s – a quirky pizza joint.  The salad was fair, but the Big Kahuna pizza was amazing.  We would definitely go back.
  • Saturday: Pizza night.  After attending a lovely wedding and reception, we drove 2 hours home.  I was not feeling cooking after that big day.  Especially since I had no plan.  So I fell back on pizza.  ::sigh::  See why Menu Monday’s are so important?
  • Sunday: Lentils con Prosciutto.  I’ve been putting off making this for 2 weeks.  I’ll have time to make it happen tomorrow and I can’t wait.  YUM.

So, lesson learned.  Plan those menus.  It really does make my life easier.


2 responses to “What We Actually Ate

  1. The planning really does help. So does prepping. Remember how I said I got all the veggies cut on Sunday? That was immensely helpful since I got so sick last week. We were still able to eat all the meals I had planned.

    • That is fantastic, April. I hope that this coming week will be better for me. :)

      I hope you’re feeling better. Being sick is such a bummer. Being able to keep up with your menu plan while sick is super impressive!

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