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Pumpkin Obsession

I’m a little crazy over pumpkins.  I have to work really hard to resist buying anything and everything pumpkin related. Stoneware, embroidery patterns, pumpkin flavored pasta, that evil pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

You guys, I buy one of those lattes every year and I think they are gross.  To me they taste like bologna and Play-Doh.  And I still buy one every year.  I have a problem.

So, I was very proud of myself when I came home from the Farm to Family market with only four pumpkins.  It took me 15 minutes to decide which ones to take home.  I wanted them all!

cinderella pumpkin

In the end I chose three pumpkins that could be used for cooking, and only one that was purely decorative and more traditional.  That one was for T.  I pick the crazy knobby, warty, veined, weirdo ones over the traditional orange every time.

In the coming months I look forward to enjoying my pumpkins in a couple of ways.

  1. Just staring at them.  It makes me happy to enjoy them sitting around my house looking pretty.
  2. Cooking them. I’m excited to try some new recipes and see what kind of results I get.  You’ll get to see if I totally wreck them, or actually make something tasty!

So, yeah.  My name is Julie, and I’m obsessed with pumpkins.  At least it is a seasonal love affair.

carving pumpkin


Support your local food economy

Supporting your local food economy is an easy way to reduce the use of oil, support local business, and eat some really tasty food!  Each step in the right direction helps realize the change in your community.  Small but meaningful steps in supporting you local food economy include:

  • Shopping at farmer’s markets
  • Growing some of your own food
  • Shopping at grocery stores that stock local food
  • Asking your grocery where the food comes from, and let them know you want to buy locally produced veggies, fruits, dairy and meats.

What are you doing to support your local food economy?  I would love to hear your ideas!

How the world eats

Check out this article by Roger Doiron.  It has some awesome stats on how the world eats.  Some great info in this one.

On World Food Day: Crunching the Numbers

One Week ’til Winter

My thanks to all of you who shared you interests in this post. The feedback was very inspiring! I have been working on big, life-changing projects and sorting out my values and interests over the past few weeks. It has been fantastic having a touch point to come back to when I’m feeling freaked out or like I’m full of stale ideas.  So, again, thank you!

My Autumn LoA has been on my mind. With a special event to run for work, dealing with the sinus funk for almost a month and the hospitalization of one of our kitties, it’s no wonder time has moved very quickly for me this season.  With a week left to focus, I’ll report on what I’ve done and debut the ’08 Winter List of Awesome. I’ll also do a little holiday decorating, attempt to make something festive with some of the greenery in our yard, and take one last stomp in the leaves before I mulch them for the season.

I hope you all enjoy your last week of Autumn!

Julie and Sagan

Julie and Sagan, originally uploaded by yelahneb.

I’m not the kind of girl who goes crazy over babies. Mr. Sagan here really tested that part of my personality when I met him back in October. I did not want to put that little dude down!

Do it: Register to vote

No matter who you plan to vote for in November, please take the time to register to vote.  Each state has its own voter registration deadline.  Check your State Board of Elections website for the specifics.  The deadline for Virginia is October 6 (29 days before the election). is the easiest way I have found to check on your voter registration status and update any outdated information.  It only took two or three minutes, and I had all of my paperwork filled out and ready to send to the Board of Elections.  So, what are you waiting for?  Do it!  Register to vote!

(Full disclosure: is paid for by Obama for America.  At posting time, I could not find a similar feature on  You could Google your State Board of Elections for a non-partisian registration outlet.)

New Page: Library Love

I’m so pumped about my library exploits I’ve made a page dedicated to my check-in/check-out habits.  Feel free to make some book suggestions in the comments!