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In our garden: Rose

In our garden: Rose


In our garden: Azalea

In our garden: Azalea

For about one month the azaleas in our yard are in bloom.  I love that month.

In our garden: hidden away

hidden away, originally uploaded by NurseJulie.

I found a neat little stump hiding behind our azalea bushes.

Cleaned Out

cleaned out, originally uploaded by NurseJulie.

Friday morning around 9:00 a.m., Barb and I went to work on removing the fence and weeds from that sad little garden. An hour and a half later and we had triumphed. You can distinctly see where we went to work. All of that brown = where the weeds were.

The plants are much happier now that they have room to breathe. Next, we’ll prepare the soil for spring plantings.  Exciting stuff!

In our garden: Rosemary

rosemary, originally uploaded by NurseJulie.

One of the beneficiaries of the garden rescue is our rosemary bush. I love its delicate flowers and strong fragrance. We often have sprigs lying around the house, bringing a little green inside for us to enjoy daily.

Garden Warrior

When we moved into our house I had big dreams for a garden.  Really big dreams.  A large, lush potager (a la Oscar de la Renta’s) with lovely outdoor seating and a firepit (a wedding gift which is currently sitting in our basement).  It would be perfect for entertaining!  So gorgeous and relaxing!  I mean, who needs a big yard full of grass when all it’s used for is pushing a lawnmower around?  Not us!  We would have a beautiful walking garden that would feed us body and soul.

sad little garden

A year later and our backyard has hardly changed.  Not so spectacular, eh?  At least we’re mowing the lawn regularly. There is a tiny fenced off “garden” at the very back of our yard which is completely overrun.  Poor thing.  At one time it was so overgrown, weeds bent the little plastic fence out of shape.  *tisk*

There’s gonna’ be a big change come Friday morning.  My friend Barb and I will resuscitate this little space by yanking out that fence, cleaning out that sad pile of plants and roughing out the new layout.  The landscaping will include plants lovingly donated by our friends, raised beds constructed at home and (eventually) edible plants started from seed.  It’s going to be a lot of work and a ton of fun.

Plus, I’ll get to use a sledgehammer.  Awesome.