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How the world eats

Check out this article by Roger Doiron.  It has some awesome stats on how the world eats.  Some great info in this one.

On World Food Day: Crunching the Numbers


Biodegradeable trash bags? Yes!

So, after reading my last post a fellow by the name of Doug sent me an email about  Here’s a little bit of what he had to say:

What makes us unique is we apply our proprietary Green Standards to every product we carry – This allows our customers easy access to both why the product is eco-friendly with one stop shopping.

Additionally we Carbon Offset all our business activities and shipments – all sent ground.  All our packaging is ‘shamelessly reused’ – we have never used a new box.  Last [year] we participate[d] in the 1% for the Planet program and offer best in class customer service.

Sounds worth trying to me.  Their site has a bunch of cool stuff, including those trash bags I was wishing for and will be purchasing very, very soon.  I’ll give you the skinny on them when they arrive.

Just wanted to share a new resource with all of you.  If you have used (or a similar service), share your experience with us in the comments!