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Sowing Seeds

This past October I wrote about feeling bored with my blog and needing to refocus.  I tried to return to my original intention of  The Ideal Me, but I just feel like the sentiment is just not where I am anymore.

So, I’m making a fresh start.  Each new year I like to think about how I’m living my life and what I want to do next. What improvements do I want to make?  What excess in my life is draining my energy?  What’s important to me and deserves my focus and attention?

When it comes to my blog, I feel like I need more freedom.  More space for creativity.  So, I’m giving myself that option.  And I’m crazy excited about it.

I love the idea of sowing seeds. Cultivating changes.  Nurturing them.  Watching them grow.

Farm to Family Market

I’ll post about what’s going on in my life–crafting, cooking, style, planning this year’s garden–as well as some photos and reflections.  I may even change the name to sowing seeds. I’m not really sure how this is going to shake out, but I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop over the next year.

I hope you’ll hang with me during this change.  I’d love to hear about what’s going on with you and what you think along the way.

I hope you’ve had fantastic first week of 2012. This could be an amazing year for all of us.