30×30 Remix: No More Maternity Leggings!

I’ve been wearing a lot of the same clothes, and not in interesting ways. I’m wearing them over and over.  Honestly, most of my pre-pregnancy clothes just don’t fit.  So, clothing options are down to very few items.  I still haven’t figured out a way to accessorize that doesn’t put my ear lobes in danger or scratch up my infant son.  (The solution may involve lots of hair accessories.) I’m still wearing maternity dresses.  No matter how cute they are, their time has passed! I’m feeling pretty blah and uninspired fashion-wise.

Basically, I’m in a serious fashion rut. (Yes, there is such a thing.)

So, I’m going to rock Kendi’s 30×30 remix.  I think it’s a great way to put some fresh eyes on my wardrobe and get creative with what I have. Also, I totally loved following April’s Remix over at So Yeah…So. I’ve been thinking about doing my version ever since she remixed a year ago.

Most people have to purge tons of clothes to get to their 30 items.  Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll have 30 to pick from!  So, I’m enabling the “you can shop” option. When I find some glaring omissions in my wardrobe, I’ll do what I can to fill them inexpensively.

I’m pretty stoked to see what I come up with.  I’m sure there will be some surprises and some mishaps.  Hopefully in the end I’ll have regained some of my style savvy, and be inspired to find my new look.


The New Me

Things have been a little quiet around here lately.  Maybe you noticed.  Maybe you’re wondering why things changed. Well…


I had a baby!  Five months ago!

I know, right?

So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my life since his arrival.

In some ways things are so incredibly different, and in some ways things are very much the same.  I haven’t slept through the night in months.  I don’t expect that I will sleep through the night again for many years. I choose my clothes carefully with regard to easy feeding access. I’m concerned about every little thing about this little dude. I still do basically the same activities in a day. Now I just have a little man to do them with!

But mostly my perspective on life has changed so drastically.  I want to live a more authentic, full life.  Everything I do is now an example for my little boy to learn from. That is some serious pressure.

While my concept of “the ideal me” has changed, the purpose is still the same.  Taking the time to learn about myself and what I really value.  Committing to create the life that I dream of living.  Being honest with myself about my flaws and short comings.  Actually giving myself credit for my strengths and accomplishments.  Working to get over my perfectionism. Hopefully I can make my life better for myself and my family.

Nubby Scrubbers or Pot Holders or Dish Rags

Holiday Pot Holder Sets

I made two sets of these scrubbers/pot holders/dish rags for a family gift exchange. The pattern was really easy and enjoyably repetitive.

I’m not the fastest crocheter, so I could finish one in about 2.5 episodes of Breaking Bad. (And I was still able to pay attention to the plot!)

I can’t wait to make more of these in different colors for my kitchen and bathrooms.  I’m sure I have some great colors in my stash drawer that are ready to be used up!

Embroidered Demi Towel

Embroidered Demi Towel by NurseJulie
Embroidered Demi Towel, a photo by NurseJulie on Flickr.

I made this little towel for my friend Amanda. I had a really good time figuring out the colors for the cake.

Embroidered Demi Towel

Embroidered Demi Towel by NurseJulie
Embroidered Demi Towel, a photo by NurseJulie on Flickr.

I had so much fun stitching this little towel over the holidays. I thought the colors were really fun, and I finished the entire project in about one hour!

Pattern from Sublime Stitching.


I really enjoyed making this labyrinth. I like to think it was as calming to stitch as it is to trace for meditation.

Also, I love a French knot. So I had to include some in the design.

Pattern by Sublime Stitching.

Sowing Seeds

This past October I wrote about feeling bored with my blog and needing to refocus.  I tried to return to my original intention of  The Ideal Me, but I just feel like the sentiment is just not where I am anymore.

So, I’m making a fresh start.  Each new year I like to think about how I’m living my life and what I want to do next. What improvements do I want to make?  What excess in my life is draining my energy?  What’s important to me and deserves my focus and attention?

When it comes to my blog, I feel like I need more freedom.  More space for creativity.  So, I’m giving myself that option.  And I’m crazy excited about it.

I love the idea of sowing seeds. Cultivating changes.  Nurturing them.  Watching them grow.

Farm to Family Market

I’ll post about what’s going on in my life–crafting, cooking, style, planning this year’s garden–as well as some photos and reflections.  I may even change the name to sowing seeds. I’m not really sure how this is going to shake out, but I’m looking forward to seeing how things develop over the next year.

I hope you’ll hang with me during this change.  I’d love to hear about what’s going on with you and what you think along the way.

I hope you’ve had fantastic first week of 2012. This could be an amazing year for all of us.